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Share Creativity with your Kids

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Alessi is a mediator between the best worldwide creativity and people's dreams. Throughout the years, Alessi has been working with multiple designers around the world to build the most creative objects to make the ordinary, EXTRAORDINARY.

In 2020, the famous designer Ben van Berkel / UNStudio launched two unique collections that have been a big success in Alessi; Doraff and Giro.

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What is "Doraff"? Doraff is a seat (the name comes from dog and giraffe), but also a furnishing element that enriches and brings happiness to any room! It lends itself to several uses, inviting children to use their playful imagination.

When Doraff is a giraffe: It offers a comfortable, high backrest, but can also be ridden and embraced by its long neck.

When Doraff wants to be a dog: Kids can sit using the "head" as a surface, where they can play, draw or eat their lunch or snacks.

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Colours available:

Kids chair and table


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Giro is also a new collection where kids can play with colourful items and let their imagination flow while they're eating a meal. Giro Kids is a basic but complete children’s table set: plate, bowl, beaker and cutlery. The designer was inspired by his own experience becoming a parent for the first time, facing his children's small but great achievements within the first years of their lives.

Colourful, durable, safe and easy to handle items. Ideal for children who are learning to eat by themselves. The Giro Cutlery Set has rounded shapes that are friendly with children's gums and mouth, leaving them free to learn in complete safety.

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Colours available:

Kids Tableware Set


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Kids Cutlery Set



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The Food à Porter range is a collection for kids and also adults, that allows you to carry your lunch with you to eat either at school or work. It was designed by Japanese designer Sakura Adachi just like fashion accessories, the range has a refined design, characterised by beautiful colours, details and finishes.

Cutlery set contained in a case, comprised of knife, fork and spoon. Slightly smaller in size, the cutlery has been designed to adapt to the shape of the Food à Porter Lunch box and Lunch pot containers. This set is recommended for kids that already know how to independently eat.

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Travel Cutlery Set

Food à Porter


Sa03 01

Colours available:

Lunch Pot

Food à porter

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Colours available:

Lunch Box

Food A Porter

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The popular Girotondo motif, created by the King-Kong team, is reminiscent of the cut-out paper dolls made by children: reproduced on trays, baskets and many other objects for the home, it has become one of the most successful collections in the Alessi catalogue.

The Girotondo Luminaire is an evocative lamp whose presence gives a touch of originality to the environment, creating a special atmosphere. It is perfect for those kids that are still afraid of darkness, thanks to its soft and diffused glow.

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