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Eija Helander

The Designer

Eija Helander

Designer, born in Lathi (Finland) in 1944.

After her studies, Eija embarked on a long collaboration with Marimekko, first managing its visual merchandising and later entirely coordinating its corporate image throughout Scandinavia.

She has participated in developing the settings for advertising shoots and short films, and has collaborated in the capacity of consultant with many interior d├ęcor magazines.

In 1969 she moved to Italy to work in the field of Industrial Design, creating projects for companies such as Fivep, Inda and Alessi.

In particular, with Alessi she worked with architect Franco Sargiani on the company's coordinated image and packaging.

She currently runs her own business, covering a comprehensive range of services, from interior design to advertising graphics, setting up stands and creating corporate logos.

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