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Gabriele Chiave

The Designer

Gabriele Chiave

Gabriele Chiave knows no boundaries. As a lifelong observer of the world around him, Gabriele is driven by the comprehensive nature of design and a desire to ignite meaningful interaction between product and consumer. Born to diplomat parents in Metz in 1978, he has lived in France, Dakar, Caracas, Buenos Aires, Rome, Milano and now makes his home in Amsterdam. These diverse resident experiences enable him to bring a global perspective to design like no other.

Having won competitions for Emergency, Rotari, Epson, Toshiba and Pirelli, as well as spending significant time at Marc Sadler studio, and working with prestigious Italian brands such as Alessi (organization of 7 Workshops held by LPWK/Alessi), Dainese, Foscarini and Serralunga, Gabriele has mastered the subtle nuances and balance between form and function, industry and art, structure and experimentation.

Currently serving as creative director at Marcel Wanders, this art aficionado and jazz lover oversees all projects in product and interior design, and art direction for a range of premium brands – passionately leading all to participate in the expression of beauty and technical simplicity in order to expand the human experience.

Gch02 Web Prodotto 40691
Orange peeler


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Chb02Pha Milani 37613
Cheese grater

Cheese please


0002 chb01 b ph a milani 300dpi 1250pxl
Pill Box

Chestnut Shape


Gch01 11503
Trivet with adjustable elements


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