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"Plissé was shaped starting from a folded sheet of paper, then developed and produced by Alessi as if it were a beautiful sartorial object. The folds give form to the shape, they structure it, because a form without folds is only a volume without form. The folds transform simple two-dimensional sheets into three-dimensional objects.” - Explains Michele De Lucchi.

Story of Designer

Michele De Lucchi is a handicraft and sculpture passioned architect that found inspiration in an haute couture dress to create this exclusive design: Like fabric, thick pleating transforms the design into a three-dimensional shape - Beautiful objects created to be left on display on your kitchen top and work as a functional item.

Story of Collection

This is a range inspired by the plissé that come from the fashions of the 1950s and 1960s when pleated skirts created stunning effects of floaty and frothy fabrics, but they're still contemporary. Pleats give volume to dresses, conveying a sense of lightness and happiness. In a word, the Plissé is a highly iconic form that we have taken for its cheerful and festive spirit.

Plissé Family

Tongs for Plissé Toaster


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Electric Kettle


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Electric Toaster


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