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Alessi works with a number of artists across the world to deliver exceptional designs that move people, convey emotions, bring back memories, surprise, and go against common thinking. Alessi has been described as a “Dream Factory”, which uses its products to make people’s dreams come true, providing them with the Art and Poetry that they seek.

Australian Designers

Australian artists have collaborated with this remarkable and international brand, known for its extraordinary designs that are good for people, but at the same time valuing the designers’ work and make their dreams come true. We invite you to explore our local designers and support their work.


Iconic Designers

Many iconic designers have been working with Alessi for many years, with the purpose of creating extraordinary products to bring to your home. Each designer has its style and inspiration behind the products, which makes this brand so unique and interesting. Discover the designers that created iconic items with limitless imagination.


Alessi Design Awards

Alessi Australia in partnership with Vogue Living Australia, have been collaborating since 2014 on the prestigious Alessi Design Awards, to recognise and support Australia’s most talented designers.


All Designers

Explore the entire family of creative designers that are part of the Alessi world and brought to live innovative and unique products.