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Denton Corker Marshall

The Australian Denton Corker Marshall Pty ltd firm was founded in 1972 in Melbourne by Barrie Marshall, John Denton and Bill Corker, who had all attended the University of Melbourne’s School of Architecture. The firm now has branches in Sydney, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Singapore,

Ho Chi Minh City, London and Warsaw, with a total staff of over 160. The firm is active in architecture, urban planning, interior and landscape design. Its clients include major corporations and government bodies in Australia and abroad. The practice has worked on projects on the full range of scales, from private homes to urban enhancement projects; it has achieved wide recognition and won a number of awards. Among its most significant projects are the Australian embassies in Tokyo and Beijing, the First Government House in Sydney (a 64-storey tower and the Sydney Museum), the Exhibition Centre and the Museum of Victoria in Melbourne. In 1996 John Denton, Bill Corker and Barrie Marshall were awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.