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“The Cohncave bowl is one of those works that become not only pivotal in your practice but continues to expand your thoughts about it. “ Susan Cohn.

Cohncave: Susan Cohn is an Australian silversmith of extraordinary skill. The coupling of two meshes, or metal nets of different colours, to form the pure and essential shape of this new edition of her “Cohncave” design, creates a new optical effect that is very appealing and surprising. - Alberto Alessi

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Susan Cohn

Influential Australian silversmith, designer of small objects and jewels she directly produces in her small and yet efficient laboratory in Melbourne in small series, Susan Cohn (Sydney, 1952) is also an active lecturer in international design schools.

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A weave between art and design

First created in 1992, this apparently simple and minimal centrepiece conceals an extremely sophisticated design. Susan Cohn was inspired by the screened furniture in which food used to be stored, and developed an intelligent design process with a refined moiré effect created by the passage of light between two superimposed nets. In this edition, Cohncave is available in two sizes and red and blue colours. It is an object that goes beyond the narrow confines of industrial production, that transcends its intended use, assuming the status of a minor work of art.

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Centrepiece in Blue


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Centrepiece in Red


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