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3909: A Cross Cultural Icon

Iconic Melting Pot

The 3909 kettle, released as a limited edition of 9,999 pieces, opens up a totally new narrative for an established piece of American design while playing with an exquisitely fresh and contemporary US reference. Selected by Virgil Abloh Securities for a re-design, the kettle created by Michael Graves is reborn as a new icon, combining culture, sport and aesthetics; the phenomenon of basketball and its multicultural imagery.

A cross-cultural icon

This iconographic clash reveals unexpected affinities between the cultural spheres involved -from the postmodernism of Michael Graves to the eclectically inclusive approach of Virgil Abloh- addressing the audience in an expressly cross-cultural way.

The whistle is completely re-designed, taking the form of a basketball player who crushes with power to the basket, while the colours of the handle and the knob are lit with an intense purple.

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