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Celebrate Mother's Day with Alessi

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Finding the perfect gift for mum sometimes can be challenging; it is that time of the year to demonstrate how much you love her and appreciate the hard work that she's done for you. Of course, there are many different ideas to spoil your mum, because each mum is unique. Read below 5 great ideas to find the perfect gift that you're looking for.

1. Time to relax!

We all know that being a mum is not an easy job. Always giving her all for her kids, now it is time for your mother to relax. the Five Season collection is the perfect option that offers stylish and delicious aromas that will transform any room into a cosy and calm environment. From incense burners to candles or diffusers, find the format that your mum loves the most!

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Colours available:

20 Pack Incense Sticks

The Five Seasons

Price from


0001 mw71 mod 300dpi 1250pxl
Lily Incense burner

The Five Seasons

Out of stock

Mw64 2S W Listino 78862
Leaf fragrance diffuser

The Five Seasons

Price from


Mw62S 2 W Listino 78924

Colours available:

Scented candle, small

The Five Seasons

Price from


Mw62L 1 W 01 81669

Colours available:

Scented candle, large

The Five Seasons

Price from


Mw63 1 Listino 78883
Room spray

The Five Seasons

Price from


Mw64 2 Fra 78903
Fragrance Oil Refill

The Five Seasons

Price from


Mw65 5 Fra 78906
Essential oil and dropper Shhh

The Five Seasons


2. Coffee/Tea Lover

Drinking the perfect Italian caffè at home is not as simple as it sounds. However, Alessi offers a range of high quality Coffee Makers to obtain the finest and much-needed coffee in the morning!

Have you seen the unique Alessi Kettles? They are not only a must-have functional object for the kitchen, but they can also be used as decorative pieces thanks to their beautiful and creative designs!

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Colours available:

Espresso Coffee Maker


Price from


Espresso Coffee Maker in Grey

MOKA 2019

Price from


Plisse black resized

Colours available:

Electric Kettle


Price from


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Colours available:

Tea-Rex Kettle, 9093REX

Michael Graves

Price from


3. Master Chef

Does your mum love cooking? Explore creative yet functional kitchen accessories that will enrich your mother's kitchen with style and take her cooking skills to a whole new level.

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Citrus Squeezer

Juicy Salif


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Cheese knife



Esi16Set 01 76021
Salad Server Set



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Stockpot 24 cm



4. Home Decor

Alessi offers a variety of creative and beautiful decorative pieces to enrich any room at home. From vases to baskets and centre pieces, there are many different styles that your mum will definitely love!

Clock banner
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Black Wall clock



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Colours available:

Round tray



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Colours available:



Price from


5. A Social and Friendly Mum

If your mum loves having people around and sharing a glass of wine with you or her friends, gifting a unique bar accessory could be a great idea. Alessi offers a un range of corkscrews or bottle openers that will grab anyone's attention

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Colours available:


Anna G.

Price from


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Colours available:

Sommelier corkscrew


Price from


Aam06 Az 01 77518

Colours available:

Bottle Stopper

Anna G Cap

Price from


Aam23 Web Prodotto 33427

Alessandro M.

Out of stock

Need a couple of more ideas? Explore our Mother's Day section and find the perfect gift for her!

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