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Explore Our On-The-Go Collection

The hot season has arrived and it is that time of the year that Australians love spending some time outside to enjoy the sunshine; whether it's at the beach, going for a walk, have a picnic or simply breathing fresh air in the outside.

Alessi provides a range of products that adjust to these needs, without compromising our Planet's health. We invite you to explore different and sustainable alternatives to enjoy take away coffee or having a picnic with your friends.

Caffa is the Alessi double-wall travel mug that was designed to respond to the dynamism of modern life. It is the perfect alternative to bring your favourite coffee or juice anywhere you would like, because it will efficiently maintain the temperature of the drink inside of the mug, whether it is hot or cold. This functional, yet stylish product, was created by Giulio Iacchetti in 2020 and it is an eco-friendly alternative, the ideal replacement for those disposable cups.

Caffa Travel Mug

Giulio Iacchetti

From $110.00

Food à Porter is a collection of food and beverage containers that allows you to carry your lunch with you to eat it wherever you want; at school, work, the beach, or simply to take it for a picnic in your favourite place. This range was designed by the awarded Japanese artist Sakura Adachi, just like fashion accessories, Food à Porter containers have a refined design, characterised by meticulously defined colours, details and finishes. Explore this colourful and fun collection that comprises of a lunch box, lunch pot and travel cutlery set.

Lunch Box

Food A Porter

From $140.00

Lunch Pot

Food à porter

From $135.00

Back Soon

Travel Cutlery Set

Food à Porter


The Dressed En Plein Air collection was designed by Marcel Wanders in 2020 for those who love having a picnic or meals in the outside. It is also a great sustainable alternative which answers the need to eliminate disposable plastic. They are easy to carry and clean, thanks to their particularly light weight and are dishwasher safe. Explore the entire range here

Mug, 4-Pack

Dressed En Plein Air


Serving Plate

Dressed En Plein Air


Back Soon

Salad Bowl

Dressed En Plein Air


Cutlery Set, 4P

Dressed En Plein Air


The Objets Bijoux collection is a particular range of small practical yet fashionable products, perfect to take them anywhere you want. From bottle openers to pill boxes, keyrings or purse hook, these beautiful items are a must-have in your everyday life.

Pill Box

Chestnut Shape


Purse hook



Bottle Opener


From $60.00

Walnut opener



Explore more designs of our On-The-Go range and keep enjoying the sunshine while you take care of our environment and nature!