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Ah, La Bella Italia; what an exquisite country. Its unique culture and people create a magical and special place, don't be surprised if you fall in love with this magical country! It happens to everyone.

Romantic music, historical roman ruins, amazing food, incredible and beautiful places, the perfect coffee, and endless other things that make this culture so adorable. Fasten your seatbelt, and let's virtually fly to the old continent throughout this beautiful poem created by the Alessi family.

Ponte rialto venezia

Send me a postcard; one with your smiling.

I'll repay with a love poem, composed of pictures from my country.

A city built on water where a legendary bridge* rises and above which the great stars hang.

*This postcard features the Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy. This structure was built in 1173.

Italian gesture and big love

A familiar gesture with a thousand meanings, comprehensible throughout the world.

Oh, what an escape! Summer in the Riviera, glistening under the sun with a bowl of ice cream.

Ammi01S Az 01 76473

Colours available:

Ice cream bowl, ice cream spoon

Big Love

Price from

$115.00 $57.50

Ammi01 cus4
Spoons Set of 4

Big Love

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Colosseo and anna

The approaching sunset light, a summer blue dress, and a mysterious girl named Anna.

A timeless city where our history began surrounded by ruins under the moonlight.*

*The Colosseum is probably one of the most amazing landmarks of Italy. An incredible building that was made by the Romans in AD 72.

Aam01 Az 77514

Colours available:


Anna G.

Price from


Am19Cu Web Articolo 38485
Tea spoon 4-Pack



Am01 Z 01 76009

Anna G.


Am37 Web Prodotto A 34278
Folding cake stand

Anna Gong


Aam06 Az 01 77518

Colours available:

Bottle Stopper

Anna G Cap

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The sweetest ritual coffee for two. Just the way it is supposed to be.

Restless legs running along the winery path, breathing the scent of happiness.

Meet me in Italy, where glimpses of wonder are waiting for you to take them home.

Mdl02 6 R 45647
Induction Espresso Coffee Maker


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Mdl02 6 B 45650

Colours available:

Espresso Coffee Maker


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Espresso Coffee Maker in Grey

MOKA 2019

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Aam33 1 01 76139
Espresso Coffee Maker

Moka Alessi

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9090 6 Web Prodotto 81203
Coffee Machine


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90002 6 01 76124
Espresso Coffee Maker

La Conica


Ca11 8 01 76194
Coffee pot



0003 gia24 w 300dpi 1250pxl
Caffa Travel Mug

Giulio Iacchetti


This emotive piece of poetry represents what Italy is and its unique essence. Bring some of this beautiful culture into your home to remember the greatest memories from Italy or to keep dreaming of exploring this place one day!

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