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The perfect coffee maker

One of the greatest rituals in the morning is to drink the perfect cup of coffee. A simple but satisfying treat that helps you start the day on the right foot. If mum is a coffee enthusiast, she will appreciate the Pulcina Espresso Coffee Maker as a project of intense research to enhance the organoleptic properties of coffee.

Michele di Lucchi found inspiration in the mountains, to create a beautiful silhouette for this particular coffee maker. When architects design mountains in their sketches, they utilise different layers and they call these lines "isobars"; we can even find them on our fingerprints! This is how Pulcina came to life; when the talented designer finished the sketches of the Moka, he realised that it looked like a little chick, which in Italian it's called "Pulcino". Since this coffee maker was female, then Michele decided to call it Pulcina.

Thanks to the internal shape of its boiler, Pulcina automatically stops filtering the coffee at the right moment; Pulcina prepares coffee with the perfect taste!

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Shop Pulcina

Kettles & Tea

We have something for every mum, whether she is a coffee lover or a simple enthusiast of a humble cup of tea. Alessi offers beautiful and unique kettles of all styles! They are not only a functional item for your kitchen, but they can also be displayed as decorative pieces on your kitchen bench thanks to their creative designs.

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Shop Kettles & Tea

Cosy & Relaxing environment

The 5 Seasons collection brings pieces of nature to fill your home with an organic fragrance. Marcel Wanders has collaborated with Alessi to craft the 5 Seasons range. The essences study was carried out in consultation with one of the top master perfumers of Grasse, the French city known all across the world for its flower and fragrance production.

The 5 Seasons products will transform any room into a cosy and calm environment. From incense burners to candles or diffusers, find the format that your mum will like the most.

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