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Objets Bijoux: A Particular Concept

The story behind the Objets Bijoux

"Jewellery Objects" is the translation from French of Objet Bijoux. LPWK - Laura Polinoro Workshop - created this new range of small functional yet stylish objects in 2004. Alessi has included an undercurrent that consists of a selection of small household objects made with a particularly refined metal-working process; The result of this was the transformation of common objects into beautiful pieces designed to be worn or carried, just as a piece of jewellery.

Pill Box

Chestnut Shape


Walnut opener



Purse hook



The first designers to join this exciting project were Steven Blaess, Francesca Amfitheatrof and Jim Hannon-Tan.

The Australian designer, Steven Blaess, found a very practical solution to always being able to enjoy a cold beer with family or friends, in every informal setting; at the beach, park, on the streets, or simply in your garden. He created the beautiful yet functional Marli Bottle Opener; an elegant steel buckle that could be used as an accessory to adorn a belt, to fix a silk scarf or a keyring that can be placed in your pocket. A perfect addition to Alessi's Objets-Bijoux collection, which translates simple everyday actions into a series of objects with an evocative and high-end design.

Bottle Opener


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Francesca Amfitheatrof designed a delicate and unique object; The Bon Bon Keyring was created to solve an everyday problem: the need to have a coin or token for the supermarket trolley. An elegant solution for two aspects of everyday life - carry your keys and have that much-needed coin always with you. This could be the perfect gift for who tends to forget things quite often!

Key ring/coin holder

Bon Bon


On the other hand, Jim Hannon-Tan, who got inspiration from nature (maple seed pods), created a beautiful and unique design for those who love the heart shape. It is a delicate and easy-to-use walnut splitter, that could be utilised as a functional kitchen accessory or as a decorative piece in your home.

Walnut opener



"Small, elegant and just a little bit mysterious" it is how LPWK describes the Objets Bijoux project. It reflects the infinite possibilities of design and shape, transforming ordinary items into multiple-functional and elegant pieces. To explore the entire collection, click here Objets Bijoux.