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2880x1536 collaboration

Project 001: A Collaboration with Virgil Abloh

A New Beginning

Alessi’s centenary year celebrations culminate at Fuorisalone with the exhibition Alessi 100 – 001, which is an installation that expresses the character of this Italian Design Factory. An exploration of its past, present and future using the 12 founding values of the company’s identity and practice in the field of applied arts.

The Collaboration

This is a cutlery set created in partnership with Virgil Abloh and his London-based design studio Alaska Alaska. It was around a year ago that Virgil Abloh contacted Alberto Alessi to suggest that they might work together. He had in mind a new approach to designing tableware
in general, specifically cutlery. Virgil thought of Alessi as the best in class, not only in terms of its design history but also because of the calibre of the artists and designers it has worked with in the past.

Alberto Alessi

"I found that Virgil had a completely different way to look at things and objects. So, when he looked at the world of Alessi, it was through the eyes of one who loved the idea of a mechanical workshop – I remember that the first reference he showed me was a wrench – very far from what we habitually think of an as good design. It was almost brutalist. I found this very interesting, as for us it was a new approach. Alas, we had very little time to make our collaboration with Virgil, but I am so glad we did."

Occasional Object

Made in Italy, the cutlery set, crafted in stainless steel, features geometric shapes and comprises a knife, fork, spoon and a carabiner to fasten all three together. It can be used as a new way of setting up the table or attaching these utensils to the body. Tools associated with the formality of place settings and a seated experience have now been reanimated as objects that can be free from convention. The design is very exclusive, limited to only 999 sets worldwide.

Occasional Object

Occasional Object