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Plisse kettle black

Plissé Electric Kettle

It is not a surprise that this beautiful piece is Australia's best seller. Designed by Michele De Lucchi, the Plissé kettle combines functional aspects with a fascinating design that reveals the creator's architectural background.

Michele De Lucchi is a handicraft and sculpture passioned architect that found inspiration in an haute couture dress to create this exclusive design: Like fabric, thick pleating transforms the design into a three-dimensional shape - A beautiful object created to be left on display on your kitchen top and work as a functional item.

Available in Australia in an elegant, classic black and also in a cool, crisp white.

"The Plissé kettle’s shape is defined by its folds, a technique that is quite old but still very much in use today. With the skilful and creative use of pleating, fashion designers shape fabrics and create clothes like sculptural works of art. Plissé was shaped starting from a folded sheet of paper, then developed and produced by Alessi as if it were a beautiful sartorial object. The folds give form to the shape, they structure it, because a form without folds is only a volume without form. The folds transform simple two-dimensional sheets into three-dimensional objects.” - Explains Michele De Lucchi.

Made from sculptural thermoplastic resin, The Plissé Electric Kettle brings a touch of high fashion into your kitchen, two creative worlds joint into a single object: shape and texture, inspired by a bright, pleated skirt.

COMING SOON: This beautiful range will be extended very soon, stay tuned to see these new exclusive pieces coming up in the next weeks!