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A story about Poetry

This tribute by Dante’s expert and actor Corrado d’Elia, which joins the celebration of the 700 hundred years since the poet’s death, derives from the will to merge the figure of the designer with that of the poet. Any creator should aim at bringing their public onto an introspective journey that allows them to live their lives to the fullest.

Caffetiera con Cuore e Stelle

The Caffetteria con Cuore e Stelle - meaning "coffee pot with heart and stars" - is an emotional and intellectual object. Physical and evocative of immaterial imagery, this “animated coffee pot” by Riccardo Dalisi wins us over with its ability to touch on different levels simultaneously.

A conversation about

In this emotional video, Alberto Alessi and designer Mario Trimarchi narrate the commitment of Alessi to charge its creations with poetry to allow them to transcend functionality to enter a poetic dimension. According to Trimarchi, a "poetic way of living" is a way to connect the dots between us and the living itself. It is up to every designer to give a spirit to their objects so that they can forge the domestic space as if it were a galaxy made of light, stars and gravitational forces.

Caffetiera con Cuore e Stelle

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