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1328x970 Transgression v1


A story about Transgression

Fashion designer Antonio Marras praises transgression as a way to turn convention upside down to find other solutions, observing things from a perspective distance that allows us to imagine them in different guises. The creative storyteller recognises the act of breaking existing rules and codes as the only way of creating new things.

La Cubica

This casserole is for those who love Aldo Rossi's undisputed talent for translating his architectural language into design works. But also for those food lovers looking for high-performance instruments created to achieve refined culinary preparations.

A conversation about

A conversation between Rod Arad (industrial designer) and Alberto Alessi, where talk about one of Alessi's values: Transgression. "People talk about me, that I'm rebelling against the rules, but I'm not rebelling against the rules. But I don't take them too seriously. I don't rebel against conventions, I just don't have any attraction to conventions ... The thing that drives me is curiosity" - Rod Arad

La Cubica

La Cubica

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