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100% make-up Proust

This unique vase was designed by Alessandro Mendini and it is a limited edition piece (only 999 were produced worldwide). It is an object that straddles the line between art and design, dedicated to collectors with a passion for unique objects. An extraordinary interpretation of the famous decoration, inspired by the renowned writer Marcel Proust and the Parisian pointillists.

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Alessandro Mendini

"Decorations are like fish in the sea: they exist even if you don’t see them. Ornamentation is positive because it is the narrative element that animates the cold, tautological object." - Alessandro Mendini.

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Visual Literature

Coordinated by Alessandro Mendini in 1992, the 100% make-up was a project that 100 exponents of various artistic and creative disciplines participated; they were invited to design a decoration for the vase designed by Mendini himself. The Proust vase is an unpublished project that joins the 100 years collection, exposing an extraordinary interpretation of the famous decoration inspired by the connection between the French writer - Proust - and the Parisian pointillists.

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