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1328x970 Art v 2


A story about

Caroline Corbetta, a contemporary art curator, consultant and cultural journalist, introduces us to the value of Art. She defines this value as the magical capacity of an object to redefine the space around it. It makes us transcend everyday life and transport us to a dimension in which imagination, beauty and design identify the deepest essence of our humanity.

100% make-up Proust

This unique vase is a limited edition piece (only 999 copies made worldwide). Alessandro Mendini's Proust vase is an object that straddles the line between art and design, dedicated to collectors with a passion for unique objects. It is a precious object; the lid and base are decorated with pure gold applied by hand and gives us an extraordinary interpretation of the famous decoration inspired by the renowned writer Marcel Proust and the Parisian pointillists.

"Decorations are like fish in the sea: they exist even if you don’t see them". - Alessandro Mendini.

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A Conversation About Art

The “Art” value is illustrated through an intense exchange between Alberto Alessi and Alessandro Mendini’s two daughters, Fulvia and Elisa. In a conversation that is at times intimate and personal, the special nature of the bond between Alessi and one of the most exquisitely “artistic” designers on the international design scene emerges.

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