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Anna G. Galla Placidia, Alessandro M. Galla Placidia

Hybridisation is a fundamental part of the design practice of Alessandro Mendini, who has always loved to open his world of design to the influence of other fields. This special version of “Anna G.” and “Alessandro M.”, once again hybridises the world of “cultured” design with the exaggerated decorative stance of fashion.- Alberto Alessi.

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Alessandro Mendini

"The little Mausoleum of Galla Placida in Ravenna is at the origin of this sign system. The charm of the precise geometrical shapes and the fluid images - such as the light, the colours, the vaults, the figures, the golden mosaic -, led to graphical research that progressively brought a multitude of overlapped yet contrasting shapes, very suitable to be transformed into different changes and situations." Alessandro Mendini

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Dreamlike Geometries

The most famous and transformist corkscrews couple in Italian design are now wearing new outfits.

The light attraction, bright colours and mosaic vaults of the small mausoleum in Ravenna, dedicated to the Roman empress Galla Placidia, has inspired Alessandro Mendini to create these unique designs. Iridescent play of shapes and colours, striking for the rigour of its geometries in contrast to its vivid and dreamy hues.

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