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1328x970 Hybridization


A story about Hybridisation

East and West intertwine in new, surprising visions into the inner world of Woo Lee, the Italian-Korean fashion director who in this insightful video describes how meeting other universes can be nothing but a possibility for enrichment. This makes her the perfect embodiment of the Hybridisation value.

Anna G. and Alessandro M. Galla Placidia

Introducing new clothes for the most famous couple of corkscrews in Italian design.

The attraction of the lights, colours and mosaic vaults of the small mausoleum in Ravenna, dedicated to the Roman empress Galla Placidia, has inspired Alessandro Mendini to create the new clothes of Anna G. and Alessandro M. corkscrews. Iridescent play of shapes and colours, striking for the rigour of its geometries in contrast to its vivid and dreamy hues.

In this unprecedented application, the precious dress inspired by expressive art enhances the soft and delicate design of the two corkscrews.

A conversation about

Architect and architecture historian Fulvio Irace and Alberto Alessi explore the value of Hybridisation and the angles that make Alessandro Mendini an emblem of this value. While orchestrating the big changes that made Alessi become the dream factory that it is today, Mendini never tried to define its perimeter. Reversely, this great master of Italian design committed himself to the contamination of Alessi through the fusion of endless suggestions and aesthetics, giving birth to unexpected universes.

Shop Anna G. and Alessandro M. Galla Placidia

Shop Anna G. and Alessandro M. Galla Placidia

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