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La conica & 9090

Two particularly interesting examples of this aspect of Alessi are the coffee makers – “9090” by Richard Sapper and “La Conica” by Aldo Rossi – of which we present two unpublished “laboratory proofs” from our archives. The first is a version with a perforated and coloured handle imagined by the German designer to limit the conduction of heat during the preparation of coffee. The second has a long lateral handle, like the antique cuccume (coffee pots) that often recur in the designs of the Milanese designer. - Alberto Alessi

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"Perhaps observing things was the most important part of my formal education; then that observation turned into a memory of these things. Now it's as if I can see them all arranged like tools in a neat row; lined up like they're in a herbarium, in a list, in a dictionary. But this list, part imagined part remembered, is not neutral. It always comes back to certain objects and also constitutes their deformation or, somehow, their evolution”. - Aldo Rossi

Meet the Designer

La Conica Manico Lungo

With a refined interplay of pure volumes, Aldo Rossi has given us a remarkable object that has made history. This version of La Conica was the first conceived by the designer: an icon of the twentieth century, design restored to its original form, with an elegant and modern look.

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Meet the Designer

“I wanted to give this coffee machine features that others don’t have, such as the ability to open it and wash it with one hand. I wanted to make better use of the heat, which is why it widens at the base. I didn't want to make a plastic handle because sooner or later, they all end up burning and then you throw the coffee machine away. I wanted to make a machine that didn't look like a coffeemaker... an espresso machine like that isn’t a coffeemaker: it’s a little steam engine!”. - Richard Sapper

Meet the designer

9090 Manico Forato

A version of the iconic 9090 coffee maker that pays tribute to the genius of its creator. By presenting itself to the public, with a handle he designed and which never produced before. The perforated handle, to increase heat dispersion, is a detail that is as functional as it is aesthetically expressive. The red colour was to highlight the mobile and intersecting elements of Richard Sapper's designs.

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