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1328x970 Research lab

Research Lab

A story about Research Lab

Art gallerist Massimo Minini explores the concept of art, conceived as the contamination amongst people, objects and art pieces that trigger the birth of sculptures and designs by the great aesthetic function. And whether you find them in a gallery or within the collection of a design factory like Alessi, they all share a reluctance to be considered as mere objects, addressing a public who expects nothing but to see them for what they really are: the result of an incessant search for functional aesthetic.

La Conica Mango Lungo

The essential design, the elegant elongated handle, transforms a simple tool for preparing coffee into a timeless icon. Designed by Aldo Rossi.

9090 manico forato

Awarded the Compasso d’Oro and present in the most important design museums, a great classic in an unrealised version. Designed by Richard Sapper.

A conversation about

Industrial designer Giulio Iacchetti and Alberto Alessi investigate how the Dreams Factory has always been a Research Lab, where thoughts are transformed into concrete actions, and things come true. By being a restless company, Alessi has managed to find unexpected analogies between form and function, being “sentenced” to constant improvement and another one hundred years of sublime research to come.

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