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Juicy Salif, Studio n.3

One of Alessi’s most iconic objects is a prime example of the borderline practice: Starck’s “Juicy Salif” citrus juicer. It is a textbook case in that it is a design that deliberately set out to push back the borderline but did not lose touch with its audience in doing so! Thanks to the genius of its creator, but also to the care we took in developing the initial idea, it has become and remains one of our best sellers. We have decided to offer a limited edition of a fascinating “laboratory proof” made at an early stage of the project, in which the sculptural nature seems to have prevailed over the function. - Alberto Alessi

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Philippe Starck

“Juicy Salif is not only about squeezing lemons, but it’s also about what we see in it, the way this micro-sculpture lets our imagination run wild. When someone asks ‘What is this?’ a conversation begins, and this is the scenario that drives me while designing such a bizarre object.” Philippe Starck

Meet the designer


Philippe Starck's iconic juicer is presented here to the public in its original version. Sketched out by the designer on a pizzeria placemat during a holiday on the island of Capraia in Tuscany, Juicy Salif has been described as "the most controversial juicer of the twentieth century". A spider, a sea monster, an alien or a space rocket, this object has captivated the public’s imagination since its first appearance.

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