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1328x970 Borderline v 1


A story about Borderline

The question is not what Borderline is. The question is what it is the border of.Philippe Starck reflects on how going beyond the threshold of the unknown can be considered as a responsibility to honour life to the fullest and, at the same time, a one-way ticket to evolution.

Juicy Salif, Studio n.3

An object with a strong expressive charge, capable of continually surprising, and in this special edition taking on the appearance of a bronze work of art.

A conversation about

This lightly-intense conversation between Philippe Starck and Alberto Alessi explores the status of design as a mindset - always potentially extendable and reversible -. Also, the role of designers both as promoters of every company's strive to do the impossible in the present and as guardians of their virtue and rigour in the near future.

Juicy Salif

Juicy Salif

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