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1328x970 Paradox v 1


A story about

Matteo Saudino is an Italian teacher, writer and free-thinker. He created BarbaSophia, the most popular YouTube channel of philosophy and history lessons in Italy.
For Saudino, doing philosophy is an act of rebellion, as he mentions: "Paradoxes are destabilising yet intimately enlightening. We should not negatively see the paradox concept because it helps nourish thoughts. And a thought without paradox is barren land.”


This unpredictable brush toilet was designed by the iconic designer Stefano Giovannoni. Merdolino is so ordinary, so unexpected. Halfway between art and design, a provocation for true collectors.

Part of a collection presented in 1992 that scandalised design prudes, this pretty lavatory brush was the champion of the redemption of its type, for the first time considered by the design world. Re-proposed in an all-golden form, it has become a paradoxical object: it contradicts current logic, surprising with its oddity, and becomes an art object dedicated to collectors.

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A Conversation About Paradox

A cheerfully and bizarre dialogue, just like the meaning to which it is dedicated; Paradox. In a conversation with a surprise ending, Alberto Alessi and Stefano Giovannoni talk about their long collaboration, the provocative power of design and how a small toilet brush has become a true pop icon.

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