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Mixology Solar

Mixology Cocktail Sets

The Mixology range was created for connoisseurs but also for beginners in the art of Mixology. Explore the three different elegant sets, that includes professional yet easy-to-use tools.

Ettore Sosstass

Story of Designer

The 5050 shakers from the Lunar and Solar Mixology sets, have become now a barman’s classic. The original design was created in 1979 by Ettore Sottsass and has therefore been in the Alessi catalogue for more than 40 years.

North Tide was created by Luigi Massoni; Relentless, fascinating, mesmerising. Accurate like a cocktail measurer, levigated as a sea shell, predictable like pure steel tongs. This is your “North Tide”.

North Tide

Story of Collection

The Mixology sets are mixing kits created to prepare cocktails at home. To taste cocktails to perfection and recreate the atmosphere of the best international bars.