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The Poêle Collection

A collection that showcases Alessi's skill in working with steel. The result is a series of chairs and stools with a strong identity, the design of which communicates with the formal lightness of the coat stand.

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Philippe Starck offers us a new and personal interpretation of a traditional type of home furnishing: a chair in which the minimalist beech wood structure is coupled with a metal shell with soft, organic lines.

Steel reveals unexpected expressive possibilities in the hands of the designer: the seat becomes a sculptural element and moulds itself to the user's body with its sophisticated ergonomics.

The comfortable backrest extends into two small armrests, distinctive details of Starck's design language.

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Poêle Hanger - A wood and metal sculpture

Four solid beech wood elements connected by two minimal metal crowns are the simple components that make up the elegant coat hanger designed by Philippe Starck for the

Poêle Collection. Precise, minimalist design, the lines of which retain the lightness of metal and the dynamism of wood in a fascinating formal dialogue.

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In timeless colours

The softly shaped coloured steel shell communicates with the minimalism of the beech wood structure. The natural beauty of beech wood, treated with a transparent finish, is enhanced by the combination with coloured metal.

Available in the colours white and black.

The Poêle Collection

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Poêle Chair

Poêle Chair - Mat Steel


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Poêle Chair

Poêle Chair - Coloured Steel

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Poêle Chair

Poêle Chair - Polished Steel