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Alessi: Designing a better future as a B Corp

Alessi renews its commitment as a B Corp, prioritizing well-being, responsible business practice and positive social impact, striving for continual improvement towards a better future.

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International Women's Day

In celebration of International Women's Day, we would like to commemorate the creativity and professionalism of the incredible female designers who have collaborated with Alessi over the years and brought to life extraordinary pieces.

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3909: A Cross Cultural Icon

"Taking cues from Michael Graves’ original approach to the 9093 kettle by mixing and introducing various influences into the design process, the 3909 kettle references basketball and introduces an iconic silhouette" - Alaska Alaska

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Transgression: rules are needed, of course! But accepting a system of rules also risks creating a static view of the world and - in the case of this industry - can interfere with development. Acceptance of the risk linked to the transgression of existing rules is a constant in Italian design. I believe that a light-handed touch of "transgression" in conventional rules of design, marketing or aesthetics, can be desirable to ensure true product innovation. - Alberto Alessi

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Project 001: A Collaboration with Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh’s Occasional Object Cutlery Set: A new take on cutlery by the fashion designer, is the first new project of Alessi’s next 100 years.

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Thingness: Understood as the ability to tap the deep essence of an object, its true raison d’être - which is a constant prerogative of the best design projects -. We can say that an object attains its ‘thingness’ when it represents and synthesises that given gesture or operation for which it has been conceived and designed; in other words, it takes on a symbolic value and becomes an archetype of its category. How difficult this is to achieve! - Alberto Alessi

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Poetry: I believe that to be a good designer, you must first be a poet. Poetry - from the Greek "poiesis" - means creation. The objective of a designer is to create something that makes us look at ourselves from within and raise ourselves a little above the level of material existence; in short, to live our lives really to the full.

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Borderline: Working on the borderline is the destiny of an Italian design factory, like Alessi: we explore the line of what is possible and try each time to go beyond it, or rather to push the line back a little further. This is our idea of progress and our contribution to the evolution of consumer society.

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Research Lab

Research Lab: I consider Alessi to be an industrial research laboratory dedicated to a continuous mediation between the immensity of creative possibilities and the needs, or rather the dreams, of the public. Several hundred of the most stimulating designers of the various eras we have been through have worked with us. Their work is documented and preserved in our museum.

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Irony: people often ask me why irony as a rhetorical notion is often to be found in our products. I do not really know how to answer precisely, for in actual fact the use of this notion is very much linked to the characteristics of the various designers, and probably responds to the attempt we make not to take ourselves too seriously, to lighten up our daily lives.

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Hybridisation: Mixing of different cultures and disciplines. One of Alessi’s typical characteristics is that of seeking to combine the culture of design with industrial culture. The process is not an easy one, requiring constant application in the mediation between poetry and the market, leading towards what might appear to be a compromise but is in actual fact a little masterpiece of design.

Gift Ideas

Inspired Gift Ideas

Explore our original Gift Guides, meticulously picked to provide present inspiration tailored to your loved one. From timeless Alessi bestsellers to quirky gifts for unboring people to party-lover essentials, there's something special for everyone.

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Beyond: or the quest to go one step further and yet another. Not just for the fact of doing so, but for the sake of doing something different. But in an attempt to evolve our way of working and our world of objects. So, avoid sitting on the comfortable laurels of routine and reiterate practice.

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Paradox: From the Greek "para-dóksa", is generically something that surprises us thanks to the way it runs counter to everyday logic, giving a new slant to common opinion and daily experience, and this makes this thing extraordinary, or at least bizarre. In Alessi, we have often made use of this literary notion to help us reach beyond the apparently common-place nature of everyday objects. - Alberto Alessi

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Art: "I have always considered design to be a creative discipline with an artistic and poetic input. It brings a touch of transcendence to our consumer society, to distinguish between function and emotion, and to provoke surprise while touching our souls with beautiful objects" - Alberto Alessi.

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Industrial Craftsmanship

Industrial Craftsmanship: the Alessi factory is something between a mass-production industry and a craftsman's workshop, in the sense that almost all the operations are done with machines but these machines are used with the spirit of the craftsman, not conditioned by the logic of the assembly line; they are readily used to bend to the expressive needs of the designer.

Benefit Corporation

Our Commitment

Alessi becomes a Benefit Corporation: The first among Italian design factories. Alessi has always aimed not only in the generation of economic wealth but also in the creation and valuation of people’s work and the manufacturing of products that impact the quality of life.

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Mix your life

Discover the Mixology Sets, sophisticated mixing kits created to professionally prepare cocktails at home.

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Mum: I want to be just like you

Mother's Day is around the corner, celebrate it with Alessi. Show how much you appreciate your mum and find the perfect gift for her!

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Explore Our On-The-Go Collection

The hot season has arrived and it is that time of the year that Australians love spending some time outside to enjoy the sunshine; whether it's at the beach, going for a walk, have a picnic or simply breathing fresh air in the outside.

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Share Creativity with Your Kids

Sharing creativity and dreams is part of Alessi's DNA. This is the reason why in partnership with creative designers, Alessi has launched unique and safe children's products. Dive into a world of endless imagination and explore these special items.

Plisse kettle black

Plissé Electric Kettle

Discover the revolutionary Plissé Electric Kettle: Australia's favourite Alessi product. Plissé is not only a functional item, but it also reveals an imaginative design that can be used as a decorative piece in your kitchen.

Alessi Bella Italia postal cards

Explore the Bella Italia

Get inspired by the Bella Italia and its Glimpses of Wonder. An incredible and exciting world, which has an extraordinary culture and endless history. Bring this exceptional world right into your home!

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The Trinity Collection

Explore modern yet functional pieces, created by the Australian designer Adam Cornish: An industrial design that embodies the beauty of nature.

Jumbo Square

Objets Bijoux: A Particular Concept

What is the "Objets Bijoux" concept? You might have seen before that some of the Alessi products are part of the Obejts Bijoux range, and there is indeed an interesting story behind these particular items. Click here to learn more about this...

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Celebrate Mother's Day with Alessi

Mother's Day is just around the corner and it's time to decide how to surprise your mum on this special day! Explore different of ideas to find the perfect gift that your mum deserves!


Alessi Stories Vol. 1

Juicy Salif is more than a citrus squeezer, it is a creative piece created by Philippe Starck that revolutionised the 20th Century. Learn how this iconic Alessi product came to life and explore a magical world, surrounded by fantastic creatures.

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And the Winners Are...

We are thrilled to announce the two winners of the Alessi Design Awards 2019/2020 in both the Emerging and Established designers category.

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Finalists Revealed

Meet the Vogue Living Alessi Design Awards finalists and the designs that have gotten them this far.

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Philippe Starck as Special Guest Judge for Alessi Design Awards

The Alessi Design Awards, together with Vogue Living Australia, is giving both Emerging and Established designers the chance to make their dreams a reality.

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Adam Goodrum on Winning the Alessi Design Awards

The Sydney-based designer shares his experience of winning the prestigious Vogue Living Alessi Design Prize in 2015.


Announcement: Alessi Design Awards 2019

Alessi Australia is excited to announce the partnership with Vogue Living Australia on the prestigious Alessi Design Awards 2019.

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Together with the Accademia Bocuse d'Or Italia, Alessi supports the Italian team led by Martino Ruggieri in the trials for the Bocuse d'Or Europe selection, the world most important competition in the gastronomic art field (Turin, June 11-12 2018).